The Pirates Mission

One Team .....with a personal approach to each player

Talented, Teachable, Driven and Humble Players with a Vision for the Big Picture

The Mid Atlantic Pirates organization operates travel baseball teams at numerous ages from collegiate age to 8u.  The Scout Team program operates the teams at 17u/16u/15u and compete in a schedule against some of the best competition in the nation.  

The "scout teams" travel to college campuses to compete and be exposed to college coaches for recruiting experience.

These scouts teams are of national caliber teams with high school players in the graduating classes ranging from rising high school seniors, juniors, and select sophomore.  Our mission is to identify and train players with a teachable attitude and strong baseball skills and to showcase them to college coaches and professional scouts at regional and national caliber showcases and tournaments. When playing in age specific tournaments, the team play as a 17u or 18u team, even with players on the roster that are under this age bracket.

Our philosophy has always been to "play up" and compete against the most talented teams we can schedule, even if these means playing older teams including college age players. This is a formula that has produced tremendous results with many other organizations to follow this pattern.

Training and Development

Training and development of players are the core of our mission.

14u to 8u teams concentrate on developing skills and character development that will prepare them for the "baseball road" ahead as they get older.

Training has always been the prime focus of the organization with less emphasis place on winning tournaments. It is our belief that players long term success is dictated on their ability not the ability of a organization to use different level of resources to form their rosters.

Mid Atlantic Pirates have always patterned their program to resemble a minor league instructional team.

Our team has produced hundreds of college and professional players over the last 20 years. We are one of only a handful of elite level travel baseball programs in the country with a 15 years plus track record of success.

We were part of a group of scouts that started the "scout team" concept of gathering the most talented players from different geographic regions, and showcasing their talents at tournament style events to college recruiters. A concept that began in 1990, with Tidewater Mets, Tidewater Orioles, Tidewater White Sox, Mid Atlantic White Sox, Thoroughbreds, and currently Mid Atlantic Pirates.

The Mid Atlantic Pirates organization has undergone many name changes over the last 20 years, as the staff running the organization has had affiliations, as scouts, for several major league teams. The affiliations with major league teams stop with the common denominator being the local scout involved with both the major league team and Mid Atlantic Pirates organization. No major league organization sponsors any scout or travel team. Only the Area Code Games and East Coast Pro Showcase are officially sponsored by major league organizations.

Over 1100 alumni, involved with Mid Atlantic Pirates/White Sox teams or McKinney Baseball organization have gone on to play college baseball, with many playing in some of the top conferences in the country and over 138 players have been drafted by Major League Baseball organizations, with 32 players making a active major league roster.


In Search of "Special Players"

Character and Work Ethic

Talent is common, however tremendous work ethic and strong character are harder to identify. These are the attributes we place emphasis on. Our program is not for everyone. As a developmental program, strong willed players and parents will feel uncomfortable in our program. We are designed for players and parents who see the "big picture" and realize there is always something to learn.

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